Parcel tracking for 2017: Hermes gets the Alexa treatment


Enhanced, accurate parcel tracking is the ultimate in convenience for many people looking to send a parcel, either within the UK, or internationally. We hear all the time from our customers that being able to see their parcel moving towards its destination in real time, uber-style, is what they really want. If you can see your taxi, then why can't you see the delivery driver? Well we might not quite be at that stage just yet, but you can now hear where your parcel is...Alexa, play my favourite songAlexa, change the TV channelAlexa, where did I park my car?... Alexa, where is my parcel?Amazon's voice-activated assistant Alexa took the tech world by storm in 2016. You can buy one of Amazon's wireless speakers (such as the Amazon Echo) and through the Amazon Skills app you can get Alexa to do all sorts of things for you. From telling you the day's weather, to finding recipes for you, there are no end of opportunities.And as usual the innovation doesn't end there. UK courier Hermes has just announced that they will be integrating their own tracking solution into the Amazon Skills app. This means that if you are sending something with myHermes and you have an Amazon smart speaker, you'll be able to ask Alexa for updates on your parcel's progress. This will give customers more accurate delivery information and added peace of mind, meaning they won't need to make phone calls when wanting tracking information.This latest development, created by the Hermes Innovation Lab in Leeds, also allows customers to track returns they send with the carrier, improving the whole delivery experience.Head of Digital Strategy and Technology Innovation at Hermes, David Turner, said “An important part of our remit is to explore new and exciting technologies that will allow us to enrich the delivery experience. Digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa have been developed to drive increased convenience, and our research tells us that there will be a future shift away from screen interactions in favour of conversational interface technology. We are thrilled with our initial release, but we are already experimenting with new interactions and functionality that we will be releasing throughout this year.“ (source: Hermes).So, what will you ask Alexa next?

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