Parcel sending tip - print an extra label


Here at My Parcel Delivery, we're all about making parcel sending as simple as possible for you. That's why we've put together lots of resources for you, from our general guides on how to package a parcel, to our posting guides which tell you how to post specific items.Today we wanted to share with you a quick tip which you save you a lot of bother if the label falls off your parcel.What happens if the label falls off my parcel?Sometimes, delivery labels can come off parcels whilst they're being sorted or transported by the couriers. So just what happens if your parcel has been scanned and collected by the courier, but loses its delivery label on its way?If the label comes off your parcel, the courier will usually look for a return address or other information they can use to identify where the parcel came from and where it should be going to. This process can take some time and once the parcel owner has been identified, it's not always easy to match up exactly where the parcel should be going to, especially if you're someone who sends lots of parcels and has lots of bookings with the same courier.To help your parcel get back on track to the recipient if the label is lost, we recommend you print off an extra delivery label and place it inside your parcel. That way, it the original label is lost, the second label is a great backup for getting your parcel delivered as soon as possible.For more advice on sending a parcel, check out our other recent blog post with three more tips to get your parcel there safely.

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