On the road to Rio: how to send to South America


Despite having some ups and downs recently, Brazil remains a strong South American powerhouse. And with Rio 2016 now in full swing, the eyes of the world are firmly pointing towards the samba nation. So we thought it high time we shared some advice on how to send things to Brazil, either to one of the 11,000 British expats enjoying themselves over there, or to one of the 200 million Brazilians calling the country home. And while we're at it, we'll also look at some of the country's neighbours. So whether you're sending sandals to Santiago or leotards to Lima, you'll know exactly how to wrap things up and get them on their merry way. So here are our Olympic-tastic tips for sending stuff to South America.1. Prohibited items: don't end up beating yourself upMake sure you're allowed to send your item. This means not breaking the export rules for sending from the UK, and also checking you don't break the import rules of where you're sending to. Our pages outlining international parcel delivery, including to Brazil, are a good place to start, to guide you through this process. You need to also head to our list of prohibited and restricted items for guidelines of things you can't send and then double-check each country's requirements with your courier. For example, Brazil prohibits the import of binoculars and collectible stamps. Who knew?You'll beat yourself up if you get this wrong.2. Import and customs taxes. How to jump through hoopsImport and customs taxes are the bane of every international seller's life and Brazil is known for having particularly high import taxes. You can find a list of import duties and taxation of products into Brazil here. Remember to factor this into your costs before the person you are sending to is faced with a big fat bill. You can also find more information about exporting from the EU here and we recommend checking each country's import duties, as they will all vary within the continent. Before you send your parcel, be aware that you'll need to know the Tax ID number of the person you're sending to in Brazil. This is similar to a National Insurance number for Brazilian nationals and without this, your parcel will be returned. If it's a non-Brazilian national you're sending it, the person will need to show their passport for clearance. See more info about this in tip number 4, below.3. Wrap it right. But forget the ribbonsBrazil and her surrounding countries are a long way from the UK, so we don't recommend daintily wrapping anything up in fancy ribbons as these could get caught up when your parcel is travelling and cause damage to your precious items. Package your items securely following our packaging guidelines. In some of South America's less developed countries your parcel may endure several rounds of transportation to reach its destination, so make sure it's well wrapped and well labelled, so whether it's moving through jungles or across snow-capped mountains, it will get there in one piece.4. Don't dive in head firstWhenever you send anything outside the EU you need to fill in some extra paperwork. It's important that you don't just cast your parcel off without filling in everything you need to. My Parcel Delivery will provide you with a proforma invoice which you need to fill in and then print, and attach five copies to the outside of the parcel. You need to include a valid tax ID shown clearly on this form, (typed, not hand-written). This document will be inspected by customs in Brazil; if you forget to attach it this could cause delays to your delivery, or worse, your parcel could be sent back, and we wouldn't want to happen now, would we.5. Shop around for the best deal and go for goldUsing a courier comparison service, like My Parcel Delivery, will find you the best option for getting your parcel to South America. It might be that you need your parcel delivered as quickly as possible, that you are sending something particularly heavy or that you just want the cheapest option. My Parcel Delivery compares prices for you in a matter of minutes and will save you ££s. For example, you can send a 1kg parcel to Brazil from as little as £29.03, with an estimated transit time of five working days after collection.Long after the Olympic torch goes out in Brazil, the continent will continue to feel its positive impact. And with lower costs for sending to South America, you too can feel a financial impact right away with My Parcel Delivery. So whenever you need international parcel delivery, look no further!image credits: Ian Glover, Stephen, Laura Bittner, JD Lasica, Strider Bikes all via flickr

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