Norman Wilson, HS Components


HS Components have, for the past 17 years, been a market leader in the automotive spare parts industry. We spoke to Norman Wilson from HS Components about how and why they use My Parcel Delivery's services to send a parcel up to 160 times every week.Sending the volume of car parts HS Components does means that delivering on and fulfilling their promise to customers is vital. One aspect of the business is selling franchise dealers' obsolete stock through their multi-platform websites to the public, garages and other franchise dealers. To facilitate this process they find that My Parcel Delivery fits the bill perfectly.For two years now HS Components have been using My Parcel Delivery to manage their logistics. Prior to this they were using several couriers but became frustrated with the service they were receiving.“Having My Parcel Delivery as an accessible point of contact for us is a big help for our business“ says Norman Wilson from HS Components. He says that managing the between 120 and 160 parcels they send every week is made significantly more simple thanks to the services they receive from My Parcel Delivery. “The website is easy to use. The diverse array of services on offer means that whatever we're trying to send and on whatever service it's needed on, it can be fulfilled.“ The variety of products HS Components sends means that the value, weight and urgency of delivery for every consignment can differ. My Parcel Delivery has the easy flexibility that the company requires.For a business like HS Components the details afforded to them through their My Parcel Delivery account mean they have full traceability of every consignment and transaction, which is invaluable for their sales and accounts team. The other advantages they find from their business account is the efficiency of paying on account, along with their preferential rates.So customer service, good rates and full reporting capabilities continue to give HS Component's customers the first-class service they expect.

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