My Parcel Delivery urges online shoppers to avoid the cat and mouse game with home deliveries


Three quarters of shoppers automatically get their parcels delivered to home, despite frequently missing parcels because they are not home to receive them.A study by My Parcel Delivery asked 1000 people where they get their online shopping parcels delivered, as part of its mission to create easier delivery options for consumers. An overwhelming 76% of respondents said they get them delivered to home, which inevitably leads to potential games of cat and mouse with the courier.Only 11.9% of shoppers get their parcels delivered to work, despite that being the easiest location for deliveries if that's where they are based during working hours.Just 3.1% of shoppers have their parcels sent to a neighbour's house, while 3.2% of consumers get a parcel sent directly to a friend or relative's house. Despite the growing popularity of parcel lockers, only 5.2% of shoppers currently have their parcels directed to them.Industry body IMRG found that one in 10 home deliveries failed on the first attempt, which is hugely frustrating for consumers AND costs the industry almost three quarters of a billion pounds a year.Think outside the (delivery) box!David Grimes, managing director of My Parcel Delivery, is urging consumers to think outside the box when it comes to getting their online shopping delivered in order to get a better experience.He said: “We were actually surprised to find that so many consumers continued to get their parcels delivered to their home when there are so many other options available for retailers to offer to their customers. Many people just go onto autopilot when filling out their delivery address - when in fact, they should be thinking carefully about whether this really is the best address to use.“Parcel lockers, click-and-collect and Collect+, for example, give consumers such a wide choice of options to make parcel collection even easier for them. Are we Brits just too polite to ask friends and neighbours if we can have parcels sent directly to them in the first place? Or do retailers and couriers need to start communicating better with their customers to help them receive deliveries more quickly.“As the popularity of online shopping is growing by almost 20% per year, the delivery industry needs to encourage consumers to think really carefully about where they get their parcels delivered.“Online retailers frequently don't tell customers which couriers they use and which options they offer before an order is checked out. Better communication from the outset could really help consumers get their shopping easier.“Case studies: What do shoppers think?Book blogger Dane Cobain said: “For books that I'm sent for my book blog, I usually get them sent to my home address. As I'm out at work during the day, I often get *loads* of stuff redelivered on Saturdays. I only usually get stuff delivered to work when it's urgent or I need it quickly - but I get sent so many books anyway that I'm in no particular rush to receive any of them!“The Saturday re-deliveries are books that don't fit through the letterbox - it is a lot of hassle because I have to fill out the online request each time. It would be easier if they just left the parcels in my doorway, or if they automatically redelivered on a Saturday, I think! “Another reason I get them sent to my home address is that I know my home address off by heart but not my work one, and so it's easier to type out my home address in response to an e-mail.“Blogger Lizi Legge said: “I always get everything delivered to work (much to the despair of our office manager) as I live in a flat without a concierge service. I just find it too much of a hassle to try and get things delivered home when I know that I'm not in during the day. In fact all of our office get parcels delivered here, there's a never ending supply of ASOS and Amazon deliveries to the building!“Another blogger Asma Younus said: “Oh boy, we get a lot of parcels delivered (my hubby is trigger happy with the 'buy now' button) and we do always get them delivered to our home address. We live in a cul-de-sac where most of our neighbours are retired or work from home. So whenever we get home, it's like a treasure hunt trying to work out which house has our package.“Tom Bourlet, from The Stag Company, also has his parcels sent to work "I used to always have them sent to home, but 6 months ago I moved into a one bed flat, so without anyone being home to accept them, it always seemed like a safer option to have them sent to work."Elena Manighetti commented "I do get everything delivered to work as I'm never home to get deliveries and we don't have a letter box."Lauren Wilkinson even went as far as having parcels sent to her partner's workplace "I used to have mine sent to my partners work as I wasn't allowed personal mail, now I've switched jobs, I'm likely to get them delivered to my own workplace instead."

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