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Unsure about whether you should be protecting your parcels with compensation cover? Here's the need-to-know.Sending your precious parcels around the world, or even just to the neighbouring town, can be a big deal if there's sentimental, reputational or financial value in the package you're shipping.Although we have the greatest faith in every courier we use, accidents do happen sometimes. Before you post your item, consider financially protecting it first. Then, if your parcel doesn't get to its destination in the condition it was sent in, it doesn't have to be the end of the world.Adding compensation coverIt's all about planning ahead and making a clever choice at checkout. If you add cover to your parcel when you ship it, you're able to claim compensation if the worst does happen. Super simple.Covering your parcel for what it's worthIs the extra few quid worth it? That's your call. But, if you're getting compensation cover, just make sure you value your parcel correctly.Some of our courier services come with compensation cover as standard. This depends on the courier, and applies as long as you're not sending a prohibited or restricted item. Selected couriers will usually cover you automatically for parcels worth £10 - £30, so if your package is worth more, you'll have to top it up with extra cover.When you book a delivery, you'll be asked for the value of your parcel and you'll be given the option to add the extra protection. It's worth knowing however, that some items are only covered for loss rather than damage, so you should check this before sending.Some of the power is in your packagingRemember - fancy machines and super smart robots will handle your parcel at some points of the delivery journey. As clever as they are, they can't read 'FRAGILE' and 'HANDLE WITH CARE' labels.To mitigate the risk of damage to your parcel, check out our top tips for packingas well as our official packaging guidelines- that's everything you need to know.Our experts have devised this handy guide to making a claim - but hopefully you shouldn't need it.That's a wrap!Our team is made up of parcel experts, but not everyone is handy with the cellotape. Watch what happened when we challenged some of the crew to wrap a pineapple in just 30 seconds...Think you could do a better job with awkward parcels/packages? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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