Keep Track of Your Parcels with DPD Drop Off Delivery Services


This month we're adding to the choice of parcel delivery services available through My Parcel Delivery with the DPD Drop Off service for parcel delivery in the UK.Read on to see more about this 1-2 day delivery service which has some great features for keeping track of your parcel on its journey.What are the key features of the DPD drop off service?DPD offer some of the best parcel tracking features around, including giving the receiver a one-hour time slot for when the parcel will be delivered and the ability to follow the driver online to get an even better idea of delivery time. To make use of these parcel tracking features, be sure to enter the receiver's mobile telephone number and email address and they will receive all the info they need on the delivery day by SMS text message and by email.This is a drop off service, so you will need to print off the delivery label, securely attach it to your parcel (it's worth having a read of our packaging guidelines) and then drop the parcel off at your nearest DPD Pickup Point.What are the weight and size restrictions for the DPD drop off service?As with most drop off parcel delivery services, there are some weight and size restrictions on parcels. To use DPD's drop off delivery service, your parcel can weigh no more than 18kg and the maximum length is 50cm. If your parcel is larger or heavier than the limits, the drop off point may refuse to accept it or you could face extra charges.How much does the DPD Drop Off Service Cost?The DPD drop off service costs from just £5.99+VAT for parcels weighing 10kg and under, and from £6.99+VAT for parcels weighing up to 18kg.Can I use DPD drop off for last-minute Christmas parcels?If you have any last-minute Christmas gifts to post, we recommend the latest you book a DPD drop off service is Monday 21st December, to be dropped off by 10am on Tuesday 22nd December.See our full list of last post dates for Christmas parcel delivery.How do I book a DPD drop off parcel delivery service?To send a parcel with DPD, enter your parcel details here, press “get quotes“ and select the “drop off“ tab to view prices and book your DPD delivery.

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