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...what you need to know when sending a parcel abroad.Over 95% of the parcels deliveries booked through are sent within the UK. While this is the case, international parcel delivery is booming as the cost of sending parcels outside the UK is being driven down every day. Now, whether you are sending important documents to a company in Australia , or finger puppets to your niece in France , you can find an affordable service to get your parcels there on time.How to choose the right service for youTo find the service that suits your needs simply use our Courier Comparison Service . The instant results will give you plenty of options, from Next Day Delivery when you need your parcel delivered as a priority, to 4+ days when your parcel is not as urgent. But if speed isn't your only concern we can find the best courier to use depending on what you are sending in your international parcel delivery.Sending a large parcelIf your parcel is larger and/or heavier than our couriers can handle you can try looking at our friends over at . This courier auction site allows you to create a listing for your delivery which drivers can then bid on to win. This way you get the service you want, at a price you are happy with!What you can sendInternational parcel delivery has all the same restrictions as UK parcel delivery, plus a few more thanks to customs laws. These change with each country but include such items as alcoholic drinks and Solvent-based paints, wood varnishes and enamels. Make sure you check before you book your courier.International Bank HolidaysEach country has a different set of bank holidays and so there are times when parcel delivery simply isn't possible. Whatsmore, as is the case in Germany and Spain, not only can international bank holidays vary by country but they can also vary by state or province so it is vital to check when you need a parcel delivered by a certain date.

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