Father's Day Parcel Sending Tips


Father's Day 2020 falls on Sunday 21st June and, for those who can't be there to celebrate with Dad in person, you can always show your love by posting a little something instead. Whether you want to drop something off at a supermarket collection point, or use a service that will collect the parcel from your house and take it to your dad's doorstep - there's no excuse for not treating the old man this year. Here are a few tips to help you pick that perfect gift and find the best way to send it to your dad.Choose your gift wiselySome items are easier to send in the post than others, and there are other items which you can't send in the post or by courier at all, so be careful and choose your gift wisely.To help you out, we've put together a full list of prohibited and restricted items which you aren't allowed to send by courier, but as a general guide it's best to avoid the following:If you really had your heart set on sending a gift which is on the prohibited list, then we advise you order it from an online retailer and have it shipped directly to your dad's doorstep. Here are some gifts ideas which are easy to package and send yourself:For more inspiration and advice on how to send some unusual - items including bikes and guitars - take a look at our posting guides.Keep outer packaging plain and simpleWhen parcels are sent by courier, they get sorted by machine - often travelling across conveyor belts in different directions (check out this video of the Hermes sorting centre). So it's best to keep your outer packaging plain and simple (we recommend using a new, strong, cardboard box). Save any decoration, like bows, ribbons and personalised gift tags for the inside of your parcel.Book your delivery in advance to save moneyBy booking your courier delivery as early as possible, you can find cheaper delivery services and save money. For those who have left it last minute though, next day delivery services start from £8.10 (£6.75 +VAT).You can also save money and time by choosing a drop off service instead of booking the courier to collect the parcel.

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