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Late last week eBay announced some changes to their estimated delivery dates in the UK. It's clear that the exact location of the buyer and seller will have an impact on the time something takes to be delivered. Imagine you're sending to a customer in Inverness (the Scottish Highlands), it's totally understandable that delivering to them will take longer than to a customer the next town over.But what impact does the estimated delivery date from eBay have on your business and more specifically your eBay seller rating. Well no matter where your customer lives, they'll expect to have their parcel delivered on the estimated date that eBay offers. If it fails to arrive by then, you can be fairly sure that the customer will consider the delay your responsibility and mark you accordingly. Your reputation is one of the most valuable things you own so protecting it is definitely a priority.In the announcement about the change to delivery time by postcode, eBay said “From 23 April our estimated delivery dates for certain carrier services will be based on the postcode of the item location the seller has specified as well as the delivery postcode specified by the buyer.“They went on to further explain the reasoning behind the claim by saying “We are making this change to improve the accuracy of delivery estimates. The delivery address postcode used to estimate the date of delivery will be shown along with the item estimated delivery date on the view item page.“Feedback so far appears to be mixed as the logic seems inconsistent. Only time will tell if this development will have an impact on your business so keep your eyes on the prize and ensure that there are no other delays for your customer. Same day despatch wherever possible is a must!

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