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Ahh, January. Santa's parcel delivery is officially complete; the tinsel is being boxed up and we can now revel in a pit of despair while panning all those 'new year, new me' social media posts. And as your withering Christmas tree sheds its last pines, there may still be one or two stray presents cowering under there you would really rather see the back of. Well fear not, our parcel delivery comparison services can help you send a parcel whether it's to your next eBay customer or to your friend needing a January pick-me-up. So, here's our big 2017 guide of what to do with all those gifts not quite matching your very on-trend, hygge tastes...Get SellingJanuary can be something of an eCommerce bonanza for both consumers and online sellers and of course if you want to make some cash then this is the best place to do it. If you're new to the world of online marketplace selling, you'll be surprised by just how easy it is. So, this January instead of joining the queue at the tip, why not open a free account on one of the many platforms out there and start listing your items?The daddy of online selling is eBay. Follow this link to our guide to selling on eBay for the full lowdown on how to get started. Have a browse of the site too and see if this is the right platform for you. Well-known consumer tech brands tend to do really well on eBay, along with clothes and furniture. Yet if you're wanting to get rid of something a little more unusual, check out sites like Depop. We also have a guide to buying and selling on Depop which has everything you need to know to get going on this marketplace for more unique or niche items. There are several other guides available depending on what your item is, so go ahead and fill thy purse with money. You never know, you might get addicted and end up becoming a serial seller. In which case, you're going to need to open a business account with us...Treat a friendOne man's trash is another man's treasure. So, whereas it may not be to your taste, why not think of a friend who might appreciate it instead? Our courier comparison services can make sure you get the best courier service for whatever it is you want to pass on, wherever they are. So you can help your mates beat the January blues and instead of Christmas presents, give them a New Year present. Including a note in the parcel saying 'I got this for Christmas but thought you might like it more!' will never go unappreciated. So instead of leaving your unwanted kit at the back of a drawer all year, pass it on and make someone's day.Donate to charityThere are a wealth of worthwhile places and causes to donate your unwanted Christmas presents to, particularly if they're on our all-important prohibited and restricted items list. So get that Lynx Africa gift set down to your local charity shop (you can't post aerosols!), donate unwanted food or chocolates to foodbanks or give clothes to homeless charities. After an indulgent Christmas, giving something back to those who need it more is surely the best way to start the new year.We all know how difficult buying presents for people can be. But getting all those purchases to the right home will in the long-run reap big benefits for everyone. Happy New Year!

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