Create a home assembly line to send your parcels in time for Christmas


The deadline for postal deliveries is fast approaching and esellers across the country are currently working hard to get their orders out of the door in time for the big day. But fulfilment is rarely fulfilling and preparing deliveries for their journey to the bottom of the Christmas tree can be a race against the clock. With that in mind, here are a few tips for those currently putting together parcels for their bulging sack of festive orders.Get the party startedChristmas is a time for goodwill and those esellers with a few favours to call in might consider asking their nearest and dearest for support during this festive season. Having an extra pair of hands to help with the bubble wrap and parcel tape will save you a lot of time in the rush to get orders out of the door. While emotional blackmail may help convince your partner or best friend to lend a hand, why not celebrate the start of the Christmas party season with a wrapping party? Use it as an opportunity to see friends and family and get them to help sort your online deliveries. Black tie and gown is optional.Be industriousFor nearly a century, businesses have followed the manufacturing principals established by Henry Ford (he of Ford car fame). Back in the days of black and white photographs, Henry Ford established the moving assembly line; a way for workers to efficiently put together cars by having employees focus on one particular task. Through this method, Ford increased the daily output of his factory from 100 cars to 1,000. Take a leaf out of Ford's book and get your volunteers working on one particular part of the delivery process. You'll speed up the number of parcels and feel like a magnate of the eseller industry.Enough is enoughMake sure you've got all the essentials before the packaging parade begins. You don't want production to grind to a halt at half nine in the evening because of a parcel tape shortage. Check that you've got enough of the essentials - bubble wrap, boxes, wine gums - before commencing your packaging bender.Be the Chief Entertainment OfficerPackaging can be laborious work and, if you've enlisted help with your fulfilment, you'll need to keep spirits up when enthusiasm starts to wane. Get plenty of snacks for your team of volunteers, keep the brews flowing and stick a film about triumph in the face of adversity on the telebox . Consider learning a few motivational quotes from history's greatest leaders to inspire your volunteers:Get social with your parcelsThe production line doesn't necessarily have to stop once the parcel is ready to go. Your customers care about your business (otherwise they wouldn't have ponied up for your products in the first place). See this last-minute packaging dash as an opportunity to give your fans a behind-the-scenes look at your work. Show your customers how much love and attention goes into their deliveries. While a quick video or photo won't go viral, it'll provide your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram fans with an honest and authentic look at the work that goes into satisfying their festive needs .Do you have any tips on making Christmas fulfilment fun? Send us your advice on Facebook or Twitter and we'll share the best tips from our esellers .

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