7 Freshers' Week headaches a courier can fix


The first week of uni can be a rollercoaster of studenty emotions. From the highs of being liberated from parents, to the lows of starvation and extreme dehydration, Freshers' Week is something of a journey of discovery. But with a little help from our couriers, who can go on the journey for you, the whole process doesn't have to be as vom-inducing as you might have feared. Here's our rundown of seven headaches only a good courier can solve this September. And if you're already a seasoned pro at studenting, read on for some ways to make this academic year the best yet.1) courier your gear to uniLet's face it. Carting all your gear to uni, whether in a car or on public transport, is a hassle. Why not courier it instead? You'd be surprised how reasonable it is to do it and just think how much you'll appreciate kicking back on the train and not sweating over a truck load of suitcases. The My Parcel Delivery Shipping Personal Effects and Belongings guide tells you everything you need to know about how to pack, protect, measure up and ship all of your things, so you can focus on erm, your studies. But remember, there are some things you're not allowed to send by courier - check out our prohibited and restricted items list for more info.2) Care packages from the rentsIn the interests of survival, why not get your mum and dad to send the essentials to your halls to ease you in to student life? Food, Nurofen and rehydration pills should all be on the list. Make sure the food isn't perishable and that they don't send anything in fancy glass or ceramic dishes that could break. Also, for food, a next day delivery service is your best bet, to make sure it arrives super-fast and as tasty as poss. When requesting this care package from the bank of mum and dad you might want to put on a pathetic voice and feign illness - being hungover isn't a good enough excuse for free food, so we're told...3) Laptop ExpressLeft your laptop at home and feeling lost without it? If you're having an anxiety attack over your digital detox and thinking how on earth you can be expected to take notes and work with a pen and paper, relax. Why not get your parents to courier it to you instead of you having to waste time and money going back to pick it up and missing out on Freshers' Week debauchery? This also works for whatever else you might have left at home; forgotten ID, text books, a toaster or a toilet plunger, one of our courier services could be the way forward.4) Courier launderetteCan't face dragging yourself and a sack full of stinking laundry to the local launderette? Why not bag it up and get a courier to your halls to collect it? You can then bribe your parents to do it all for you and send it back, so you can stay smelling as fresh as a daisy all term long. We know the naysayers will denounce this as “lazy“. We say stuff 'em. It's SAVVY. Remember you're not allowed to send 'foul smelling or disgusting materials' as per our prohibited and restricted items list, so don't leave it tooo long.5) Get selling and make some cashUni is never going to be cheap. And now with fees skyrocketing, it's a good idea to maximise your income; selling off things you no longer need could be the way forward. Textbooks, clothes or old shoes, eBaying your old kit might be the lifesaving cash injection you need. And with our marketplace selling guides at your disposal, you've got all the know-how you need to do it and can save time and money on posting stuff out by using a courier. Or, if you're really crafty, why not turn your hobbying into a business? Check out our Etsy selling guide for more info.6) stay in the good booksPhysically sending presents may be an alien concept to you if you've always relied on internet shopping, or your mum to traipse to the Post Office for you. But now you're an 'adult' you should try to keep in the good books; showering your parents with a couple of thoughtful gifts will definitely keep them on-side. Sending last minute birthday presents, anniversary gifts or even a Valentine's Day present to your old flame back home- our next day delivery services can get you out of a sticky situation or keep your mum really happy.7) Return the love and become a courierOnce you've seen the superpowers of a good courier for yourself, maybe you'll want to rip your own shirt off and morph into one too? Why not reap the benefits of couriering and do it as a part-time gig? Particularly with some food courier companies delivering by bike, you can get a workout while earning some cash and get some free food! What's not to love?Anything that can ease the stress of the first few weeks of the academic year and free up your time has to be worth it. With a few of these courier tools at hand, you'll sail through to reading week, as long as Freshers' Flu doesn't get you.

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