5 tips for sending a parcel to the USA


Just how easy is it to send a parcel to the United States of America? Maybe, it's been a while since you saw your cousin Randy out in Oklahoma...and you're thinking about sending him some English tea to enjoy with his buddies on the ranch. Can you send anything and everything? That's what we're here to find out! My Parcel Delivery offer four different couriers who can get your parcel to America, and below we've got some top tips to make sure you get your items to their destination as simply as possible.

1) Check your parcel is safe to send to America

The first step to getting your parcel to America is to check the items in your parcel are safe to send, so it's recommended you look at which items are allowed. My Parcel Delivery have a handy guide to all the restricted and prohibited items that couriers in the UK won't accept. Due to their rules regarding items such as food, if you want to treat your American friends to PG Tips and 'totally awesome British candy', you'll probably need to wait until they visit good ol' Blighty. It's worth looking at the United States Postal Service page as there are some country-specific restrictions you should be aware of. However, as long as you're not sending over fresh cream cakes and English tea, you'll probably be fine!

2) Make sure you understand the tax/import rules for your parcel's contents

All countries have customs restrictions, and different rules when receiving items from abroad, and sometimes those items incur extra charges. If you're just sending a family friend a football shirt and a knitted scarf, you're not going to need to worry about any kind of import tax, however this isn't the case for everything you might want to send in your parcel to America. It's never wise to get on the wrong side of Uncle Sam, so it's always worth checking their customs and border protection site to get an idea of the possible extra charges and to see if there's any extra paperwork you need to fill in.

3) Don't forget to fill out your pro-forma paperwork

To send a parcel to the US you need to fill out a pro-forma invoice. This is required by law and tells US Customs what's in your parcel. At My Parcel Delivery we supply this as standard whenever you book a parcel delivery to America with us. It's important to fill it out properly, so that it whizzes through customs and gets to its destination as quickly as possible. Remember, you'll need to print five copies of the invoice and attach it to the outside of your parcel in an envelope.

4) Package your items appropriately for their journey

Unlike these universally dreary shores, North America has a diverse climate which varies hugely depending on the location. So if you're sending something to the scorching desert of Nevada, you'll probably want to pack your items a little differently than if you're sending a parcel to Alaska. Don't forget to take a look at our packaging guide, as your item might go through numerous depots and sorting facilities - so it needs to be strong!

5) Find the fastest and cheapest parcel delivery service to America

My Parcel Delivery currently offer 4 different couriers and 7 different delivery services to get your parcel to where it needs to be in the States. Whether you're posting a book to New Hampshire or a T-Shirt to California, you've got a wide range of choice. The cheapest is the DPD Air Classic, which gets your items there in 3-7 working days from just £26.39 (£26.39 ex VAT). The fastest parcel delivery service to America is with UPS, which allows you to post anything up to 70kg and starts from £32.28 (£32.28 ex VAT).So, it turns out sending a parcel to the United States is pretty simple! I guess Randy can expect his Manchester United shirt any day soon. So get it packed and ready for its long voyage over the Atlantic. It's super-easy to send a parcel to America with My Parcel Delivery.Photo credit: Colin Campbell via Flickr

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