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Our Reviews

Here at, we take our customer feedback very seriously. It helps us improve both our website and the services we provide. Our recent customers had this to say about us...

5 star Cheapest quote I received. Text and email updates. Great service
Easy service to use. Quoted the price easily. Great website
review - Craig kirwan, 22. Apr
5 star Easy peasy! First time I've ever used a courier.
All you need are the parcel dimensions, the weight and the addresses involved. Was cheap and fast! Would definitely do this again.
review - J Takhar, 22. Apr
5 star Cheaper than any other courier service I've used before.
I have been using 2 other companies to book my pickups and was the cheapest by far. I was not happy with the prices I was being quoted so I thought I would just do a quick search on google for another company. This quick search saved me over £20 on my first delivery. I booked 6 pickups last week so imagine the savings I could have made by using
review - John Preston, 22. Apr
5 star So Far So Good!
I have a number of parcels to be sent over the coming weeks and so far, things have gone great! Pick up was at a good enough time and I have seen through tracking that the first 4 arrived and the 5th I got sent a delivery confirmation email (going to The Shetlands).I am using the My Hermes service.Some months back I used another courier service that supposedly couldn't find the London address, despite full post code etc, sent the parcel back to me (rather tattered) and I had to source another delivery option, without a refund. Won't use them again!So I was rather worried and so far, so good, I'm very happy! Reasonable price too!
review - Bettertax - Tax Returns Specialists, 22. Apr
5 star myHermes - So glad I found you!
I went to the Post Office and was quoted £13 odd for a parcel weighing 2.8kg which I thought was a bit steep, so I looked at a comparison site on line and found myHermes and the cost was less than half the price quoted by the Post Office. Marvellous!
review - Linda Lock, 22. Apr
5 star A very cheap and easy process, very impressed.
Just a quick and easy process to enter all of the information in, as well as easy navigation through the pages, and of course great value for money.
review - Danny Lansdown, 20. Apr
5 star Excellent Service
It did what it said on the tin as they say. I delivered my parcel to my local Hermes collection point, was given a receipt, and was notified that my parcel had been delivered. Why did I use this service instead of royal mail, the price, royal mail was 6.75 and this service was 3.98 - doesn't take much to work out the maths. This was the first time I have used Hermes and I am 100% satisfied. I shall use them again.
review - S Gimblett, 20. Apr
5 star Great service
So simple and easy, would highly recommend this to anyone :)
review - lisa, 19. Apr
5 star A ONE OFF THAT WILL NOW BE FOREVER..............
I used HERMES parcel delivery this week and you know what it's the best thing I ever did. The prices are amazing, the collection drop off point is two minutes from where I live and the delivery is SPOT ON. Would you believe it was delivered the NEXT DAY, and all for under £5. The blooming Royal Mail wanted double and that wasn't delivered until 2/3 days. Well done HERMES parcel delivery I will definitely use you from now on.
review - Ann Sturtivant, 18. Apr
5 star Excellent
Was collected within time frame, friendly driver, and got a text to say had been delivered. Would recommend to all.
review - Fiona, 17. Apr
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