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myParcelDelivery’s company policy is not to give out refunds, but instead to offer site credit to our users when they have experienced a valid problem with our service.

All claims must be made via our initial claim form or in writing to our Registered Office within 4 working days of first experiencing any problem. The following information is required:

1) Your reference number
2) Your parcel consignment number or tracking number
3) The nature of the problem you experienced

Please note that credits will only be issued where our Terms and Conditions have been fully complied with. will not be held responsible for wrong information that is entered and no credit will be given in this instance.

Credits can take up to 5 working days to be processed and the user will be informed once their credit has been activated on the system.

Money-back Guarantee’s

Some of the services available on the site offer a ‘Money back Guarantee’ – these services do offer a full refund where any Consignment or part thereof that is sent to a Guaranteed Area on a guaranteed delivery service that is delivered later than the Guaranteed delivery time. This applies as long as the delay has not been caused by customs, incorrect addressing or a failed attempted delivery. Certain exclusions (set by the courier) apply.

Also, some Timed services available on the site, where deliveries that are not delivered by the guaranteed time, such as pre 10am and pre 10.30am service can be eligible, so long as the reason for delay has not been a customs query, remote area delivery, Incorrect information having been supplied or attempted delivery.