Book a Yodel service for next day and two day deliveries

£9.99 +VAT
  • A printer is required
  • £20 free compensation cover
  • Perfect if you need your parcel in a hurry
  • Max parcel length and weight – 120cm & 25kg

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Why Choose Yodel

Yodel is fast becoming one of the nation's favourite courier companies offering next day and two day delivery options within mainland UK. They specialise in delivering parcels weighing up to 25kg and what's more they offer Northern Island and Highlands & Islands delivery too. You can book Yodel for your delivery right here at My Parcel Delivery and enjoy collection direct from your door - you can stay home and dry rather than spend your day stood in a queue.

The very best bits...

With full UK coverage available through Yodel the only thing you need to think about is who to send a parcel to first.

Choose Delivery Type

Choose between next day and two day delivery within UK mainland, or have it sent further afield with Northern Ireland and Highlands & Islands delivery services

Up to £20 Free Cover

FREE £20 compensation cover as standard with additional cover available up to £1000. Don't forget, this cover does not apply to items on the prohibited & restricted list

Track Parcels

Track your parcel online immediately after collection so that you know where your precious cargo is, every step of the way

Delivery Notification

You don't need to wonder about whether your parcel has arrived or not. We will send you a delivery notification email when it is delivered – you can rest easy that you are fully in the loop

Don't just take our word for it

At My Parcel Delivery, we're proud of our reputation for delivering great service to our customers, but don't take our word for it – let our reviews, likes and stats speak for themselves!


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Printer Required

You need access to a printer to use any Yodel services so it's best to make sure it is working and topped up with ink before you book. If you don’t have access to a printer then choose one of the printer-less couriers, simply get a quote and look out for the services marked as "no printer required".

Address Labels

When you print the label for your Yodel delivery why not print another? Pop it inside your parcel as a back up plan just in case your label becomes detached or damaged in transit.

Dimension Checks

Yodel will re-measure and weigh your parcel to ensure it is as stated in your booking – discrepancies can result in surcharges of up to £50 a parcel so please be accurate when you measure and, if in doubt, be generous with your estimates.

Frequently asked questions

What are the steps for collection?

This is nice and easy! Just make sure your parcel is packaged carefully (according to our packaging guidelines) and attach the label to the outside of the parcel. To be safe pop one inside the parcel too in case the other falls off. Once your parcel is ready just sit back, relax, and wait for the courier to arrive.

What time will the courier arrive for a collection?

The courier's collection times are between 8am and 8pm so be sure to arrange it for a day when you can stay at the address to avoid a delay in your delivery. A missed collection can add a day (or more!) onto the delivery date as Yodel will need to arrange another driver to return.

Can I leave the item outside for the courier to pick up if I am not at home?

We know how important your parcel is to you and our motto is safety first! To keep your parcel (and you!) protected Yodel will only collect it directly from a person at your address, they will not collect it from outside your home. If you can't stay home why not book a CollectPlus service instead? You can drop your parcel off at a local store and it will still be delivered by a Yodel courier.

What happens if my item is too big or heavy?

The maximum parcel length is 120cm. The courier could refuse to collect any oversized parcels or they may be liable to surcharges when measured at the courier depot. Yodel also measures by cubic cm and if a parcel exceeds 23 cubic cm in size, the surcharge is up to £50 per parcel, so please make sure you've measured your parcel accurately. To calculate the volume in cubic cm for Yodel simply use the following equation (width x height x length)/10,000.

The maximum parcel weight is 25kg. The courier could refuse to collect any overweight parcels or they may be liable to surcharges when measured at the courier depot. If a parcel exceeds 25kg in weight, the surcharge is between £12.50 and £50 per parcel.

When your parcel arrives at the sorting depot it will be automatically re-measured and weighed – this is to check that the size and weight you stated when booking your delivery are correct. As you can see surcharges can be up to £50 and we certainly wouldn't want that so please check you have inputted the dimensions accurately. If you haven't got scales or a tape measure then take a look at our guide here but remember…. if in doubt it is best to be generous with your estimations!

What are prohibited and restricted items?

Prohibited items, such as stamps, passports and waste are not permitted to be sent by any courier you book with through My Parcel Delivery. Restricted items can be sent but are not eligible for compensation cover, these restricted items include clocks, fish tanks and mirrors.

Take a look a a full list of prohibited & restricted items. If you aren't sure whether the contents of your parcel fall into either of these categories then please simply contact us to check - our friendly customer service team will be happy to help.

When will my item be delivered?

The Yodel courier could knock on the door any time between 8am and 8pm so please be sure to arrange delivery for a day when somebody can stay at the recipient's address. The delivery window may be extended during busy periods when many more parcels are sent every single day – Christmas in particular sends the couriers straight into overtime!

What happens if nobody is at home when the courier arrives to deliver the item?

If the recipient isn't home when the courier arrives for delivery they will leave a calling card with details of how they can get the parcel. If a neighbour is around they may leave the parcel with them and will tell you this on the calling card, so there's no need to knock on every door on the street.

What should I do if my parcel isn't collected?

Most parcels are collected from your address quickly and on the very first attempt. Unfortunately, on occasion, collections can fail to occur and we're really sorry if you experience this. Yodel can't offer a guaranteed collection date, but we assure you they will do everything in their power to knock on your door on the estimated date given when booking. Whether your courier ran out of time, or they arrived but the parcel wasn't ready, you can reschedule your collection right here.

What do I do if my parcel fails to be delivered?

Combined, our courier partners enjoy a fantastic 95% success rate with their deliveries. However, while most go without a hitch, from time to time things can go wrong and no courier is able to guarantee their delivery dates. Anything from road closures and heavy traffic to accidents and bad weather can affect a courier's route and also their ability to deliver your parcel on time. If this occurs on your delivery, we're truly sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll email you to keep you up to date but you can contact us if you need help to reschedule your service for a different day.