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Sending a parcel to America made simple

If you want to send a parcel to America, it’s never been easier. Just pop your parcel details into the box above, and choose the service that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for the fastest or cheapest way to send a parcel to the USA, My Parcel Delivery are the first choice of many when posting to the land of Stars and Stripes. Have you sold something on eBay to a customer in the United States? Perhaps you’ve got a gift you’d like to post to a relative?

No problem.

We’ll give you all the info you need before you ship your parcel to the USA. Including costs, customs details and all the documents you need to provide. Plus, we only use the most trusted international couriers including DPD, UPS and Parcelforce.

Essential information for sending parcels to America...

How long does it take to send a parcel to the USA?

Our fastest courier services can get your parcel delivered to USA in 2 working days after collection. Our cheapest service (DPD Air Classic) can get your parcel delivered to USA in 3-7 working days. Delivery times might be longer if the items you’re sending need to go through customs. Plus, remember with the vast size of the USA, if you’re sending a parcel to a mall town in the U.S Mid-West, your parcel might take little longer than if you’re sending parcels to New York.

Can I send anything in a parcel to the United States?

My Parcel Delivery have a helpful guide to all the restricted and prohibited items that couriers in the UK won’t accept. If you’re sending clothes or souvenirs to America, you’ll usually be A-OK. However if you’re planning on sending food or chocolates to your cousin in Oklahoma, it’s probably best to wait for them to visit you here in Britain. For a full list of all the items you can and can’t send to the USA have a quick look at the US Postal Service guide, just to be on the safe side.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to the USA?

Getting  the cheapest price is important for a lot of people when sending parcels to the USA. Which is why we’ve got a range of services to match your exact requirements. These start from as little as £19.99+VAT, to send 1kg parcels with DPD Air, and from £84.04 to send 30kg parcels with Parcelforce.

Are there any customs charges when you send parcels to America?

When you send a parcel to the USA from the UK, there are sometimes extra customs fees that need to be paid. The good news is, things like gifts and personal effects aren’t subject to customs charges if they’re under $800 in value.

Before you send anything, you’ll need to fill out something called a pro-forma invoice. This tells US Customs what’s in your parcel and enables it to fly through as quickly as possible.

Don’t worry though, My ParcelDelivery supply you with all the forms whenever you book parcel delivery to America with us. Just make sure you print out 5 copies of your completed pro-forma invoice and attached it in an envelope to the outside of your parcel. If you’re unsure whether your parcel will be charged a customs fee when it arrives in the US, there’s a really handy tool that you can use.

Just type in your item and you’ll be able to see what percentage of duty and import tax may apply.

A better alternative to Royal Mail

You have plenty more options than racing to a post office before it closes and standing in line. We’ve negotiated huge discounts of up to 62% when you send a parcel to the USA and you can even have your parcel collected direct from your door.

Parcel SizeRoyal MailMy Parcel DeliveryWhat You Save
5 KG USA £90.25 £36.69 £53.56 59%
15 KG USA £150.75 £57.67 £93.08 62%
25 KG USA £197.75 £75.25 £122.50 62%

*Prices are for fully tracked services to USA and correct as of 14/04/16

So, whether your neighbour has moved to New Jersey or you have a customer in California, you can make a booking and have it delivered in no time at all.  

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