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Send a Parcel to Mexico

Mexico; the land of tequila and salsa! But partying some 5,000 miles from the UK - you'd be forgiven for thinking that sending a parcel to Mexico is a wearisome task. Well, we'll let you in on a little secret - you can do it from the comfort of your own home in a matter of minutes (and the best part is - when you book with myParcelDelivery.com™ - you'll be saving up to a massive 70% on brands such as DHLand UPS).

Book Online Now in 3 Simple Steps…

  1. Enter your parcel details into the booking pod above (dimensions and weight)
  2. Click 'Get Free Quote' and select a delivery option from the list provided
  3. Pay for your delivery online - then we'll come and collect your parcel from your door!

Why Choose myParcelDelivery.com™?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us to book online with, but here are just a few for starters…

  • Up to 70 % off the RRP - no need to remortgage your house when you book with us!
  • We only partner with trusted couriers - so can rest assured your parcel will get there safely
  • Free standard compensation cover (additional available) 

Shipping Labels

We will supply you with your shipping labels upon successful payment of your delivery. You will be required to attach these to your parcel (preferably in a plastic cover to avoid damage) before the courier comes to collect.

Restrictions on Shipping to Mexico

There are certain regulations put into place by Mexican Customs which restricts items that can be shipped in and out of the country. We recommend referring to the restricted and prohibited items list before sending your parcel.