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Send a Parcel to Brazil

When you first think about sending a parcel to Brazil, the whole task seems a little bit daunting.Won't that cost a bomb? How can I be sure it will get there? Where do I post it? -Well, thanks to myParcelDelivery.com™, arranging a delivery to Brazil is about as difficult and time-consuming as making a cup of tea (and it won't break the bank either)! To see for yourself how simple the whole process is, follow our famous 3-step guide below.

Here's how it all works…

  1. Enter your parcel details into the booking pod above (dimensions and weight)
  2. Click 'Get Free Quote' and select a delivery option from the list provided
  3. Pay for your delivery online - then we'll come and collect your parcel from your door!

That's it, it really is that simple. And if that's not enough, it may be worth mentioning that we only partner with the world's most reliable couriers such as DHL and UPS - only when you book with us, you'll save up to a whopping 70% more!

Shipping Labels

Upon completion of your order, we will provide you with all of your shipping labels. You must print these (if required) and attach them to your parcel(s) before they are collected. We recommend sealing these in a plastic cover to avoid any damage whilst in transit.

Restrictions on Postage to Brazil

Before posting anything to Brazil, you should refer to the official customs and excise documentation to be sure of the restrictions imposed by border control.