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Shipping parcels to Australia doesn't have to be expensive; myParcelDelivery.com™ provides some of the most reliable, trackable and cost-effective rates for a variety of world leading courier brands, such as UPS and DHL. With such efficient services on board, we can deliver your parcel from the UK to any city in Australia in three days flat -- not bad for over 8,600 miles! Saying that, you can have your parcel collected, not just from the UK, but from ANY country in the world, and delivered to Australia in only a few minutes!

Get up to 70% off postage rates to Australia in 3 easy steps

  1. Enter your parcel details in the booking form and click 'Get Free Quote'
  2. Select the service of your choice
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Restrictions on Shipping Parcels to Australia

All parcel shipments into Australia will be assessed for community protection risks, permit and approval requirements. In addition, all goods received into Australia are subject to assessment for duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other taxes and charges that may be applicable.

All Australian imports will be checked and are subject to assessment by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). This is to ensure that no high risk items enter into the country that could harm livestock or wildlife.

Prohibited and restricted goods

Any parcels arriving into Australia that are prohibited or restricted goods restricted or in any way are subject to being held by Customs and Border Protection until the recipient can produce a permit or approval. The recipient of the parcel will receive a letter from Customs and Border Protection to advise that the goods have been held.

For more important information about Prohibited and Restricted Goods and the rules surrounding importing parcels into Australia, please visit the websites below:



Where do I get my shipping labels?

At the final stage of booking your parcel to Australia we will provide you with the option to download your shipping labels, address labels and commercial invoices. You will also receive an email containing all shipping labels. You will need to attach all shipping labels securely to your parcels, preferably in a plastic wallet to avoid damage to your labels and delayed shipments.

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