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Send a parcel to Russia

If you are struggling to send a parcel from the UK to Russia, myParcelDelivery.com is here to help. We work with the world’s top international couriers to provide you with the most reliable services at the best possible prices.

Due to our unique relationship with the couriers and the volume we send with them, we can use our buying power to negotiate outstanding prices for you, the customer. Some services come with up to 70% off the RRP.

For a free instant quote, please fill in your delivery details above and we’ll find you a list of couriers that can handle your delivery.

With each delivery you get…

  • Free standard compensation cover (with additional available)
  • A 100% tracked delivery from start to finish
  • Award winning customer services if you need to ask any questions
  • A delivery notification email when your parcel reaches its destination

Prohibited items

When sending to Russia, be sure to check our Restricted and Prohibited items list as certain items are unable to pass through Russian customs.