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Send a Parcel to Norway

Here at myParcelDelivery.com™,  we specialise in the swift and affordable delivery of packages all over the world, and we are the first port of call for anyone who wants to send a parcel to Norway from the UK and other destinations.

To ensure our clients can always rely on us for a great service, we only work with leading couriers including Yodel and DHL, giving our customers the reassurance they need that their packages will reach their final destination safely and on time.

Whether you are sending something to the Norwegian capital Oslo, orBergen, Stavanger, Drammen or Tromse, our services can be relied upon. We know cost is an issue for many and this is why we offer discounts of as much as 70 per cent on our services compared to recommend retail prices.

Follow our three simple steps

Booking with us couldn't be easier - follow these simple steps to get your package on its way.

  1. Enter the measurements and weight of your package into our booking pod, along with your collection location and delivery destination
  2. Click 'Get Free Quote'
  3. Pay online and then wait for the courier to collect your parcel

Why choose myParcelDelivery.com?

All of our services come with the following great benefits as standard:

  • Real time tracking
  • Live updates
  • Discounts on RRP of as much as 70%
  • Free standard compensation cover (additional available)
  • Anytime support from our team

Shipping labels

Any packages sent both domestically and overseas need to have the right labels attached. Once you have paid for your service we will email you the relevant labels for your parcel or parcels.

We recommend that these aresecurely attachedusing a clear plastic cover, so as to avoid any damage during transit.


As Norway is not a member of the EU there are different customs rules that must be followed when sending your parcel. Please ensure that…

  • The pro-forma invoice includes both the senders and the receivers full name and address. Initials are not acceptable.
  • You include a printed manifest of the contents of the parcel. It must be a full, detailed breakdown of each item with individual values.
  • The total value on the pro-forma invoice matches the value entered when the parcel is booked. If this runs to multiple pages please ensure that this is stated

TIP: The customs officers in Norway will check your items current market value so please ensure you value your parcel accurately
  • The pro-forma invoice is clearly visible to allow the Norwegian customs to use their scanning equipment.
  • We recommend attaching your pro-forma invoice in an envelope to the outside of the parcel so it can be accessed without opening your parcel

Items which are restricted or prohibited from entering Norway

Before sending your parcel, please take a look at the restricted and prohibited items list to make sure your item is safe to send.