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Send a Parcel to the Czech Republic

myParcelDelivery.com™ provides a means to ship parcels quickly, safely and easily to a number of worldwide locations - including the Czech Republic. By working alongside some of the UK's most reliable international courier companies, we're able to offer you a delivery service to Prague, Tabor, Telc and many other areas in in the Czech Republic at up to 70% cheaper than going to the couriers direct.  

For a free instant quote, simply pop your collection, delivery and parcel details into the booking pod above and click 'Get Free Quote'.

Book Online in 3 Simple Steps

Booking your delivery can all be done online within a matter of minutes, just follow our quick and easy 3 step guide…

Step 1
Enter your parcel and delivery details into the booking pod above and click 'Get Free Quote'
Step 2
Choose a delivery option from the list provided by clicking on the corresponding 'Buy Now' button
Step 3
Enter your payment details, then put up your feet - we'll send a courier to your doorstep to collect your parcel(s)

More Reasons to Book with Us

Aside from saving up to 70% on the RRP, you can also take advantage of the many other benefits that come as standard when booking with myParcelDelivery.com™:

  • Delivery by only the world's most reliable couriers 
  • Free standard compensation cover (additional available)
  • Dedicated customer support team and live chat facilities

Shipping Labels

When you have successfully completed your order, we will supply you with all of the shipping labels that you require. Please attach these securely to your parcel(s) before they are collected by one of our courier partners. We also recommend placing the labels in a clear plastic wallet before fixing them to your parcel(s), for extra protection during transit.