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Send a Parcel to Austria

Sending a parcel to Austria has never been easier - or cheaper - thanks to myParcelDelivery.com™. Whether you need arrange a delivery to Vienna, Graz, Salzburg or anywhere else in Austria, myParcelDelivery.com™ can help! For an instant online quote, simply pop your parcel details into the booking pod above, and click 'Get Free Quote'.

Book Your Delivery in 3 Easy Steps…

Step 1
Enter your parcel details (along with your collection & delivery postcodes) into the booking pod above and click 'Get Free Quote'
Step 2
Choose a delivery option from the list provided by clicking on the corresponding 'Buy Now' button (you can cycle through the service options by clicking on the tabs at the top of the list)
Step 3
Enter your payment details, then relax - we'll send a courier to your doorstep to collect your parcel(s)

Why Use myParcelDelivery.com?

There's plenty of ways to arrange an international delivery, so why send your parcels with us? Well, aside from offering some of the cheapest prices out there, booking with myParcelDelivery.com™ comes with a handful of additional great benefits…

  • Up to 70% cheaper than going to couriers direct
  • Free standard compensation cover (additional available)
  • Instant online tracking with live updates
  • Dedicated customer support team for any queries

Shipping Labels

Upon successful completion of your order, we will supply you with all of the shipping labels that you need. It is important that you securely fasten these to your parcel(s) before they are collected by the courier. We recommend you place the labels within a clear plastic cover, for protection, before attaching them to the parcel(s).