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Parcelforce Express Drop-off

No time to wait in for a courier to come and collect your parcel? Why not drop it off at one of the many Parcelforce depots dotted around the country? These drop-off services come with all the perks of the regular Parcelforce Express deliveries but allow you to drop your parcel off at your own convenience.

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The Perks

  • £20 Inclusive cover (you can upgrade this to £1000 if you like for a small fee)
  • 100% tracked service from start to finish
  • Delivery Notification SMS / Email - We’ll send you delivery conformation that your parcel has reached its destination via email and SMS. So there’s no need to track your parcel to see if it has arrived or not

Size and weight restrictions

  • The individual parcel limit of this service is 25kg
  • The maximum parcel length is 1.2m