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Hermes Parcel Shop

The brand new Hermes Parcel Shop service allows you to drop your parcel in to one of their many Parcel Shops throughout the UK - thereby saving you having to wait in for the courier driver to collect! For a free instant quote, simply pop your parcel details into the booking pod above and click 'Get Quotes'.

Provided your parcel is dropped off before 12 (midday) it will be delivered within just two working days! Please note though that the 2 day delivery timeframe is not guaranteed and so please allow up to 3 working days for delivery.

This is an ideal alternative to using the Post Office - especially as our prices are over 40% cheaper than the new Royal Mail prices for parcels over 2kg in weight.

To locate your nearest Parcel Shop - use our nifty store locater app now:

Parcel Shop Locator

3 Great Benefits of using Hermes Parcel Shop Service:

  • Get all the benefits of a leading courier at an economy price - starting at just £2.79!
  • Free transit cover worth £20 when you book with us!
  • Instant online tracking with live updates, for ultimate peace of mind!

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Hermes Parcel Shop (up to 2kg)

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Hermes Parcel Shop (up to 15kg)

Please note that a printer is required for this service to print out your shipping labels, which must be attached to your parcel(s) before they are dropped off at the Hermes Parcel Shop. We will supply you with the shipping labels upon successful payment of your order.

Please also note that the maximum weight on this service is 15kg, with a maximum length of 1.2m.