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DPD is an award winning parcel delivery company who have been providing outstanding service for almost 45 years. You can now book their DPD Europe Classic service right here at My Parcel Delivery and often have your parcel delivered within two working days following collection. 

DPD Comes With Some Great Benefits…

  • European delivery available within 2 working days of collection, subject to destination
  • £20 free compensation cover for your parcel with additional cover available up to £1000 (please ensure you read the prohibited and restricted items list)
  • Award winning online tracking system with live updates available immediately after collection
  • Proof of delivery as standard for additional protection and peace of mind
  • Security is second to none with a closed transit system that ensures a secure service
  • Add a delivery notification SMS free of charge so you know when your parcel has arrived safely at it’s destination

What you need to know…

  • Maximum parcel length – 175cm
  • Maximum parcel weight – 30kg
  • All parcels are x-rayed at the depot so please ensure that you have checked your item against the prohibited and restricted items list
  • Changes to your collection and/or delivery address will be charged at the full rate of your delivery so please ensure that all details are accurate before booking your DPD service
  • Although in most cases, deliveries will occur without a hitch, DPD are unable to offer a guaranteed collection and delivery date however on average we enjoy a 95% success rate. If you have any problems then don’t worry! Simply contact us and we will book re-book your service for the next available day

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps for collection?
Please ensure your item is packaged correctly and ready to go when the courier arrives. Print your shipping label and attach it to the outside of your parcel securely and without any obstructions. We also recommend printing another label and inserting it into your parcel in case your original label is lost or damaged en route.

What time will the courier arrive for a collection?
We cannot specify an exact time for collection but the DPD courier will arrive between 8am and 6.30pm. These times may be extended during peak periods.

Can I leave the item outside for the courier to pick up if I am not at home?
You must be at home when the courier arrives to collect your parcel. If you are not home the courier will leave a card and ask you to contact us to re-arrange collection for the next available day.

What happens if my item:

Is too large?
The maximum parcel length permitted is 175cm. The courier could refuse to collect any oversized parcels or they may be liable to surcharges when they are measured at the courier depot.
Is too heavy?
The maximum parcel weight is 30kg. The courier could refuse to collect any overweight parcels or they may be liable to surcharges when they are measured at the courier depot.

Once arriving at the sorting depot all parcels are re-measured, weighed and x-rayed to confirm they are as originally booked. Any discrepancies could incur a surcharge so please ensure you have inputted the dimensions accurately when booking your parcel delivery.

What are prohibited and restricted items?
Prohibited items, including items such as drugs/medicines, animals, aerosols and perishable goods, are items you cannot send via any courier, including DPD. Restricted items, which include items such as car parts, china, jewellery and any glass pieces are items that you can only send on a no compensation basis. If they are lost or damaged in transit you will be unable to make a claim for compensation. Please be sure to check the Prohibited & Restricted items list before sending your parcel to make sure your items are safe to send.

When will my item be delivered?
We cannot specify an exact time for delivery, but generally the courier will arrive between 8am and 6pm.

What happens if nobody is at home when the courier arrives to deliver the item?
If no one is home when the courier attempts delivery, they will leave a calling card with details of the attempt and how to obtain your parcel.