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City Sprint is perfect when you need a fast, secure and dedicated service for your parcel. For any important documents or packages you need to send, you can book a courier who works around the clock to pick up and deliver your parcel securely on the same day. 

City Sprint Comes With Some Great Benefits…

Choosing the right courier for your parcel is easy! City Sprint offers...

  • Parcel collection typically within 60 minutes
  • Enjoy a dedicated service as the courier only carries your package - getting it to its destination as fast as possible is the courier’s only priority
  • Up to £20 free compensation cover on every package with additional cover available up to £1000 (be sure to read the prohibited and restricted items list)
  • View live updates on the progress of your delivery
  • No printer? No problem! Simply write the delivery name, address and MPD order number directly onto your parcel
  • 365 days a year service - even if you need to express an urgent gift on Christmas day, you can book a same day delivery here
  • Receive a confirmation email and text message free of charge when your package has been safely delivered for your peace of mind

What you need to know…

Check the City Sprint service restrictions before you book your parcel delivery.

    • You can send items as small as a letter or as big as a sofa and have it delivered the very same day. 
    • Your 4 same day service options are Motorbike (30cm x 30cm x 30cm), Small van (150cm x 135cm x 105cm), Medium van (220cm x 150cm x 125cm) and Large van  (310cm x 150cm x 150cm)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps for collection?
Ensure you follow our packaging guidelines to help protect your item. As your item is delivered directly by the same courier who collected it rather than being processed by numerous handlers and machines, labels such as “This way up” and “Fragile” are far more effective.

What time will the courier arrive for a collection?
You can usually have your package collected within 60 minutes, sometimes as quick as 30 minutes. More than 87% of the UK can be reached by the City Sprint delivery network within an hour.

Can I leave the item outside for the courier to pick up if I am not at home?
No, you must be home however you are able to book a specific collection time with City Sprint.

What happens if my item:

Is too large?
Be sure to measure your items and book the City Sprint service that fits to avoid any delays or surcharges. Motorbike (30cm x 30cm x 30cm) Small van (150cm x 135cm x 105cm) Medium van (220cm x 150cm x 125cm) Large van (310cm x 150cm x 150cm)

What is a restricted item?
Restricted items, which include car parts, china, glass, and jewellery, are items that you can only send on a no compensation basis. If they are lost or damaged during the delivery process you will be unable to claim for compensation. Be sure to check the Prohibited & Restricted items list before sending your parcel to make sure your items are safe to send.

When will my item be delivered?
This can be subject to external factors such as traffic however as the courier is only delivering your parcel then your parcel is their number one priority.

What happens if nobody is at home when the courier arrives to deliver the item?
Please ensure that the recipient is available for delivery as the City Sprint service charges waiting time. This starts at £30 for the first 15 minutes.