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It's not every day you see a man riding around delivering letters on the back of a Penny Farthing bicycle, but to the residents of Bude - a small coastal town in Cornwall - it's becoming a bit of regular sighting.

Not one to sit around and grumble at Royal Mail's latest price hike, Bude based entertainer-come-poet Graham Eccles has decided to take action by delivering the local's letters on the back of a Penny Farthing, at a much more palatable price! Eccles collects mail twice daily from the collection points he's knocked up around the town, and will deliver just about any letter for 25p on the same day - that's 25p cheaper than Royal Mails increased price of 50p for a 2nd class stamp!

It's a great idea - if a little eccentric -which will hopefully save the locals plenty of money and, should the local community support it, offer a much more personal postal service than the Royal Mail (I'm sure even the romantics among us would have a hard time topping the notion of receiving a hand-written letter from a mysterious man on a Penny Farthing).

The price to send a parcel via the Royal Mail has also soared in 2012 (by up to a staggering 70% in some circumstances) which, according to a Royal Mail spokesman, "better reflects the cost of handling packets which cannot be delivered through the letterbox".

It's a good job then, that™ - just like the Penny Farthing Postman from Bude - has decided to offer a much more affordable (and convenient) means for people to deliver their goods! 

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