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As the stars and stripes ripple in the wind and the dawn of a new American age breaks, you might feel the need to send things to the USA. Whether it’s a commiseration package, or an end-of-the-world survival kit, shipping to the USA is as easy as (apple) pie. Read more...

On the road to Rio: how to send to South America

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With dancing horses, crashing cyclists and Tom Daley’s speedos, the eyes of the world are currently fixated on Rio. Here we offer five helpful hints for sending your stuff to this South American powerhouse, and some of her Latino neighbours. Read more...

Still Cheaper Than Royal Mail

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Did you know, it’s been 6 years since My Parcel Delivery was launched? And since then, the discounted rates and cheaper parcel delivery prices haven’t stopped, and we’re still cheaper than Royal Mail! Read more...

Package your parcel perfectly: Check out our posting guides

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Here at My Parcel Delivery, we don’t just offer great discounted rates, we also offer handy advice for packaging more unusual items. Not every parcel you send is a regular shape, things like guitars are a bit more tricky to package and post. You might be wondering if it’s difficult to post a homemade cake, or even how to post a potted plant. Don’t worry, as we’ll show you exactly how to do it! It doesn’t matter if you’re sending your used household items to a buyer from eBay, or just posting something to a friend, it’s wise to do everything possible to make sure your item arrives in tip-top condition. Read more...