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Delivering eBay sales opportunities in 2014

Selling on eBay is going through some interesting changes for eBay sellers, requiring some new thinking about both UK and international parcel delivery.

The recent release of eBay trading results for the final quarter of 2013 revealed changes in eBay users’ behaviour with mobile devices, the number of eBay sellers offering free delivery and the growth in international sales. The good news is that we can help you with some delivery tips to make the most of these eBay trends.

Making eBay selling easy with mobile

eBay’s figures showed that 40% of users in Q4 2013 were coming from mobile devices – and with the simplicity of mobile technology, it’s not surprising.

eBay smartphone apps allow you to take photos and add them to listings, scan a product’s barcode which then automatically populates the product information from eBay’s online catalogue, include additional details such as handling times and returns policy and keep track of items listed. What’s not to like about that?

The final part of the jigsaw – eBay’s suggested shipping cost – is something worth reviewing: comparing eBay’s suggested costs with potentially cheaper prices available in the parcel delivery market means that you could end up offering a better range of delivery costs and service options for buyers. This will result in a happier customer and is great for building and protecting your buyer feedback and seller ratings.

But that’s not all. There is also an opportunity to make an extra margin on postage and packaging if you identify high quality delivery services but at a cheaper overall price. For example, rather than opting for a Royal Mail Next Day service at £26, you can find a Same Day collection and delivery service for £18: a better service at a price that should please the customer and allow you to make a bit extra on delivery. Using an online parcel comparison service such as My Parcel Delivery can help you do that.

Free postage tips for eBay sellers

More than 55% of eBay sellers are offering free delivery to buyers, according to eBay’s recent results – and there are good reasons for it.

Free postage and packing tends to boost conversion rates, while you can ensure it’s a viable option for your businesses by spreading the cost among the overall prices of your products. But what must you be aware of when reeling in buyers with the free delivery hook?

  • Make your free delivery an economy, 3-5 day service if appropriate for the product being dispatched and offer a premium (Next Day) delivery service as an option to buyers at an extra cost.



Selling on eBay – international deliveries

International sales now account for 61% of total eBay sales – a 10% year-on-year growth. But what does it involve if you’re supplying international customers?

It’s not just a case of boxing up a product and sending it off into the sunset! Sellers often need assistance with the processes involved in sending a product overseas and this means having the full details of the person receiving the item, understanding who pays the import duty and taxation, preparing documents declaring whether the product is for private use or sale and being aware of some of the general and particular issues around sending goods to certain countries.

For example this year’s host of the World Cup, Brazil, has recently changed its import delivery regulations which means the sender has to know the personal tax number of the buyer in order for the parcel to reach its destination. Turkey disallows the importing of mobile phones and Russia has a cap on the value of products one individual can receive; those are the rules for just three countries – and we are delivering to more than 200 countries!

Also, depending on whether you choose to send via air or road will affect whether products such as perfumes or containers such as aerosols will actually be allowed through customs.

Once again, getting advice from parcel delivery specialists will smooth the international journey when exporting your products.

So, as eBay’s latest figures suggest, both new and experienced eBay sellers should be looking forward to a period of growth – and ensuring the right delivery costs, services and knowledge are in place are essential parts of your e-commerce success story.

If you’re ready to send a parcel, you can click here to book online now.

But if you want to ask advice on how to send your parcel and what courier company to choose, get in touch with My Parcel Delivery’s team.

Thanks to the Channel Advisor Blog for the useful summary of eBay results from the sellers’ perspective.

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Selling on eBay? How to make the right impression

eBay, the online auction site, is an easy (and profitable!) way to shift those items you’ve got in your home and don’t know what to do with. Remember that one person’s clutter is another person’s treasure!


When you sell an item, the buyer can provide feedback and rate you on the eBay site. So if you want to sell more treasures in future, you’ll want to get a good review and increase the chances someone else will want to buy from you.


A bit of care taken in the presentation of your item is a simple and effective way to do this. An eBay buyer wants to feel they’ve found a true bargain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add extra value through thoughtful touches that other eBay sellers might overlook.


Protect the contents

Most importantly, the item should arrive in one piece and undamaged from the shipping process. Especially with something delicate, extra protection with bubble wrap or packing paper can make a good impression on the buyer. For more advice on how to pack a parcel, please read our Packaging Do’s and Don’ts.


Appearances matter

Little touches make a big impact. No one wants to receive something in battered or tatty packaging. So even if you’re packing with recycled boxes, bags or bubble wrap, make sure it’s all in tip top condition. We also recommend working on a clean surface, so that your materials and items are not covered in stray bits of carpet fibre, for example. And while it’s crucial to pack items securely, take care not to seal the parcel in so much brown tape that it becomes impossible to open without scissors, risking damage to the item – or the recipient!


Make it special

Anyone can place something in a Jiffy bag and post it. But what can you do to make your parcel stand out from the others? Wrapping an item in fresh, uncreased tissue paper always seems to go down well. Consider adding a sticker or a bit of ribbon. Colourful boxes or cotton bags for smaller items are also a nice touch. Just an extra bit of TLC can change a buyer’s impression from neutral to positive.


One thing you can do that online retailers can’t? Include a thank you note. A handwritten note lends a personalised, caring touch that makes the buyer feel appreciated – and much more likely to give you positive feedback.




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Four Mother’s Day opportunities for eBay sellers

We all know that Mums are special. And on Sunday 30th March in the UK, millions of children, both young and old, will find a way to show their Mum how much they care on Mother’s Day.


If you sell the odd item on eBay, could you capitalise on the 50%+ of the population who now shop online for Mother’s Day gifts? Maybe by thinking creatively with your eBay seller hat on about what you’ve got to sell or what you could make, you could earn enough to treat your own Mum to a really special present (we hear that weekend breaks are an increasingly popular choice!)


The first important thing to realise is that you don’t have to sell flowers or chocolates to cash in during this busy time – you may have just the right gift to make someone’s Mother’s Day very special. There is no better time than right now as Google Trends shows that consumers start their Mother’s Day gift search up to two months before the big day.


So what could you sell on eBay?

1. Technology

TechBargains report that more Mums would like an iPad than flowers. So do you have unwanted tech that would sell well on eBay? Smartphones that are only 6 months old may feel out of date to you but represent a giant leap forward for a Mum stuck with an old Blackberry.

2. Smellies 

The hottest gifts for Mums this year are ones that make her feel special and pampered: luxury bath and cosmetics products, beautifully scented candles or fragrances. We always find that Jo Malone is a very safe bet. If you’re one of those people who received a glut of unwanted smellies at Christmas time (they always seem to be raffle prizes with us!), maybe they could find a better home with a deserving Mum out there.

3. Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is always in high demand, for those seeking a unique gift not found in the high street. Have a root through your jewellery box and see if you have any unworn or antique jewellery that you no longer wear.  Wrapped up thoughtfully in a velvet bag or tissue paper, these could make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift and come with the added bonus of being especially cheap and easy to deliver – just don’t forget to insure anything valuable.

4. Breakfast in bed kit 

Many Mums report that thoughtful actions mean more than expensive presents. So could you capitalise on the online shoppers looking for something different?  How about creating a breakfast in bed kit - the warm comforts of tea, coffee or hot chocolate sold with a small coffee maker, tea infuser or unique mugs can make thoughtful gifts. Consider pairing them together in your online eBay shop, along with pancake mix, small jars of marmalade or jam and you could be a budding Alan Sugar or Philip Green.

If there is a glass item within your delivery, do make sure to wrap it very very securely in lots of bubble wrap as couriers will not cover you for damage. It might be worth considering a same day delivery which are safer as the same courier handles your parcel from door to door.


Almost anything you’ve been thinking of selling could appeal to the millions of eBay shoppers as a fantastic Mother’s Day gift - fitness equipment, soft furnishings, original artwork. And might this be the time to recycle other unwanted gifts, or sale bargains that don’t look so appealing in the cold light of day?


As ever, be sure you package your items with the utmost care and thoughtful touches – maybe red tissue paper secured with a heart-shaped sticker. Delivery is a hugely important part of the process and shouldn’t be overlooked. Get creative – and get selling!


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Martin Lewis gives great advice on parcel delivery

Those of you watching ITV’s daybreak this morning (5th December) may have seen Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis giving advice to viewers on how to save money on sending Christmas parcels. As a man of great sense and wisdom(!), he was quick to point out the merits of using delivery resellers like My Parcel Delivery

We’re always amazed that so few people know our industry exists, and that much cheaper alternatives exist than sending your parcel via Royal Mail. Customers of My Parcel Delivery regularly save as much as 70% on the cost of sending their parcel. We don’t handle the deliveries ourselves but arrange discounts with all the major courier firms like Hermes, City Link or Parcelforce. We’re able to negotiate these discounts by using good old people power.

If you’re dreading standing in the Post Office queue with your Christmas presents this year, why not get a quote from our website and see how much you could save. My Parcel Delivery is especially competitive on overseas deliveries, whether you’re sending presents to relatives down under or shipping products to customers in Europe.

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How to Add Compensation Cover

Over the past few months, there have been a few customers asking us about compensation / transit cover - what exactly it covers, the cost, what the benefits are - those kinds of thing. So, we thought it pertinent to make a little compensation cover guide here to tell you all about it.

What exactly is Compensation Cover?

Compensation (or transit) cover, is just like any kind of cover (travel, mobile phone) that protects the value of the contents in your parcel. In the unlikely event that your goods are damaged during transit, adding compensation cover to your order means that you'll receive a payment of the amount you covered up to (subject to our terms and conditions).

For most of our services (City Link, TNT, Hermes and Collect+), we provide you with free standard compensation cover with every order, covering between £20 and £50 worth of goods depending on the service you book. For any additional cover, you must add it on to the order yourself - see below for details on how to do this.

What Are the Benefits of Compensation Cover?

There are many benefits to covering your items, including…

  • Peace of mind when sending valuable goods
  • Pay very little to cover expensive items
  • Takes no time at all to add cover to your delivery

How do I Add Compensation Cover to my Order?

It's extremely easy to add cover to your order; just follow the steps below when booking:

1. Choose your service as normal by clicking the 'book now' button.

Adding Compensation - Step 1

2. We will ask you to tell us the contents and value of your contents on the next page. Fill in these fields and we will automatically calculate the price to fully cover your delivery. Any free inclusive cover will also be displayed. 

Please be aware that any items delivered that are on our Restricted and Prohibited items list will be NOT be eligible for compensation cover, and you will not be able to claim on such items.

Adding Compensation - Step 2

3. Make sure you keep the 'Full Cover' option checked to add the cover to your order. We will update the order and display the final price on the right hand side of the screen.

4. Click 'Proceed to Review & Pay' to complete your order.

It's that simple! But, as always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any additional help at all. 

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