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Sending a parcel to France

Send a parcel to France – all you need to know.


Sending a parcel to the UK is a doddle – we know the address format and can estimate how long it will take the parcel to arrive. But what about when we send parcels internationally? Each country has individual quirks to their address format but do not fear – we have the answers here. One of the most popular countries to send to is just over the water in France and this quick blog will help put your mind at ease by telling you exactly what you need to know.


Address label

Ensure you have space for 6 lines of text on the parcel/label

Line 1

Write the person's full name, with the surname in CAPITALS. Similar to Mr, Mrs and Miss, our French neighbours use “Monsieur” or ”M” for a man, “Madame” or “Mme” for a woman and “Mademoiselle” or “Mlle” for a young unmarried woman.

Line 2

Write the company name. This line is only relevant if you are sending your parcel to a Business in France. If this is going to a personal address you can skip this line

Line 3

Write the building's name and number. Again this is mostly relevant if you are sending your parcel to a Business in France. If the personal address you are sending to does not have a building name and number you can skip this line

Line 4

Write the street number, followed by the street name. There is not punctuation needed on this line

Line 5

Write the postcode followed by the town name in CAPITALS. The postcode consists of 5 numbers only, with no spaces

Line 6

Write France in CAPITALS to highlight it is a European package.


Your French address should now look like this:

Mlle Francoise MENIVIER,

Firm Parcel,

Hotel MYPD,

67 Rue Ponselle,

79532 LYON,



What’s more, including the recipients local telephone number could help if the courier in France is unable to find the address. They do not guarantee to call but if you provide a number they will have the option should they choose to.


How to choose your service

There are plenty of courier services available for sending a parcel to France but to choose ask yourself 3 questions

  1. What is the value of the parcel you are sending?
  2. How soon do you need your parcel to arrive?
  3. How much do you want to spend on your parcel delivery?

Once you have answered these questions simply get a quote or take a look at our best value parcel delivery services to France.


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How to...pick the best courier for your parcel

Our priority is to make choosing a courier as simple as possible and we are working hard to help with easy to use guides. 

Our "How to Choose a Courier" guide is perfect to help make a decision based on your

  1. Delivery address
  2. Printer access
  3. Whether you want a collection or drop off service
  4. Delivery time frame

Download your FREE "How to Choose a Courier" guide here.

What's more, we have pulled together some key questions to ask when choosing your courier to make sure you select the best option. 

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Marking 20 years of online shopping

It is hard to believe that only 20 years ago secure online shopping didn’t exist! It was on this day in 1994 that a man called Phil Bradberger went shopping online with a company called “Net Market” and, by buying a CD of Sting’s “Ten Summoner’s Tales”, made history. The following day The New York Times announced that the “Internet is Open” and a new era in shopping had begun.


Over the past two decades the internet has changed the way many of us shop. No longer are we willing to travel from shop to shop, battling the elements and comparing prices to get the best deal on everything from a new toothbrush to a new bathroom. We are now much happier to sit at home, laptop, tablet or mobile in hand. We can browse in the comfort of our own home before choosing our item and then waiting excitedly for it to be delivered just a few short days later. This is so much so that UK online spending for 2014 is predicted to be a massive £107bn – a long way from 1994 when champagne corks were popped over the first successful secure online purchase of a CD being made.


What made this change so significant to retail? James Roper, Chairman of IMRG, marked 20 years of online shopping by visiting the John Lewis Distribution Centre and commented that “Online shopping has really transformed consumers' expectations in three particular ways”

    1. Range – we now have access to far more than what is available on our local high-street. In fact, we now have tens of millions of products at our fingertips instead of the thousands previously on offer
    2. Convenience – the ability to shop wherever we want and whenever we want means that we can find what we need within the touch of a few buttons
    3. Value – online shopping saves not only money but time too as there is no travel time to take into account, especially when the store has sold out!

But we don’t think this is the end of the story. We are quickly becoming true multi-channel shoppers as 57% of smartphone users report using their phone in store while hunting for more sizes, more information and even better prices. Some stores are even attaching QR codes to their labels, allowing us to go directly to their website to help make that purchase decision. This means that the savviest of shoppers are finding the best of both worlds, being able to see and touch the product they want, but having the technology available to find out even more. Clever shoppers are now in the driving seat and we cannot see that stopping.


As we continue to embrace online shopping, and more and more people supplement their income by becoming eBay sellers, Amazon sellers or creating their own small business, we are selling and sending more and more. So we say thank you to Phil Bradberger for making history and helping to develop the internet into what we know today.

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Your Guide to Same Day Delivery

Need a same day delivery? Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

As time is becoming even more precious our same day delivery service is becoming increasingly popular. There are times when you need your items delivered as quickly as possible, and the standard economy and even next day delivery services just will not do. For any important documents or packages you need to send, you can now book a courier who will work around the clock to pick up your items and deliver them securely on the same day. Booking a same day delivery is easy to do, and these frequently asked questions will tell you everything you need to know!

  • How soon can my package be collected?

You can usually have your package collected within 60 minutes as more than 87% of the UK can be reached by the CitySprint delivery network within an hour.

  • Can I specify the collection time?

Yes you can. You can select your desired collection time in 15 minute intervals and in as little as 30 minutes in some cases.

  • How long will my same day delivery take?

The delivery time depends on where you are sending your package to, and the time of day. The courier will be carrying only your package so getting it to its destination as fast as possible is the courier’s only priority.

  • Is my item safe?

You package is only handled by the courier who collects it so the chance of it becoming lost is very small. However, we would still encourage effective packaging as accidental bumps can still occur.

  • How should I package my package?

Ensure you follow our packaging guidelines to help protect your item. That said, as your item is delivered directly by the same courier who collected it rather than being processed by numerous handlers and machines, labels such as “This way up” and “Fragile” are far more effective.

  • How big a package can I send?

You can send items as small as a letter or as big as a sofa and have it delivered the very same day. Your 4 same day service options are;

-          Motorbike (30cm x 30cm x 30cm)

-          Small van (150cm x 135cm x 105cm)

-          Medium van (220cm x 150cm x 125cm)

-          Large van  (310cm x 150cm x 150cm)

  • How do I know when my item has been delivered?

Not only can you view live updates on the progress of your delivery but we will also send a confirmation email and confirmation text message free of charge when your package has been safely delivered.

  • Can I book a delivery on a bank holiday?

Where same day deliveries are concerned there are no such things as holidays. Even if you need to express an urgent gift on Christmas day, you can book a same day delivery here at My Parcel Delivery 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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10 top tips for packing your parcel

We understand how important every parcel you send is to you and as such are committed to ensuring you parcel reaches its destination intact. We have created 10 top tips for packaging your parcel which will help ensure it arrives in the best possible condition.

Choose the right tools for the job

This may sound obvious but it is remarkable how many items are damaged as they are not packed with the right materials. Jiffy bags, corrugated cardboard boxes, strong parcel tape, parcel straps and triangular tubes for rolled paper are all essential pieced of equipment when you send a variety of parcels. Using the correct size box for the item and ensuring they are not under or over filled should keep your item protected.

Don’t leave any empty spaces

Once you have chosen the best outer packaging it is vital that you also use inner packaging. Material such as bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, polyethylene foam or even shredded paper will cushion your items. This will prevent them from moving around and protect them from damage.

TIP: Put fragile goods in the centre of a package; ensuring they don't touch the sides. Your item should be well cushioned on all sides.

Do not package in delicate materials

Bags made from fabric and cloth can be easily damaged by sharp corners on other parcels and machinery within the sorting warehouses. Ensure packaging is sturdy to protect your goods.

Be careful if reusing old packaging

Unfortunately, once a cardboard box is damaged it becomes weaker and so provides less protection for your parcel. You must be confident that the box is strong and your parcel will be protected. In addition to this, many couriers use automatic systems to read address labels so remove or cover all old labels to ensure that your parcel is sent to the right location. You would be surprised how many times this has happened!

Label clearly

Whether you select a service which requires a printed label, or one that allows a handwritten address to be scribed on the package, ensure that it is positioned centrally, has no tape covering any part of the label, and can be easily understood. We also recommend inserting the delivery details and/or label inside the box just in case the label is damaged and/or falls off.

Do not rely on additional labelling

This includes labels such as fragile. While people are able to read these labels machines are not making them no substitute for strong and effective packaging. This is the case with a variety of labels such as “This way up” and “Heavy”.

Complete all information required

It is important to correctly label the contents and estimated value of your item on our website. This information will be used in the event of a lost or damaged parcel claim. You must also ensure that no further information is required, particularly if you are sending your parcel overseas and will pass through customs.

Do not use attractive packaging

Unfortunately, parcels which have been wrapped as if they are a gift are more at risk for two reasons. Firstly, the paper and ribbon are easy to rip and can get caught by other parcels and machines. Secondly, as parcels can sometimes be left in convenient locations at delivery they are subject to risk from passers-by. Attractive wrapping increases their desirability to people who notice the parcel unattended.

Check prohibited and restricted items list

Prohibited items cannot be sent via any couriers through My Parcel Delivery. These include aerosol cans/sprays, explosives including fireworks and Christmas crackers, Drugs and medicines (including prescription), perishable goods (including food) and many more. Restricted items can be sent but in the event of loss/damage, no compensation claim can be made. You can find a full list of prohibited and restricted items here.

Consider taking compensation cover

To coin an old saying, “prevention is better than cure” and you can prevent possible damage to parcel contents by using the correct type and quality of packaging. In the vast majority of cases, your parcel will arrive at its destination safe and sound. But please don’t be left trusting to hindsight if what’s in the parcel is too valuable to be travelling without compensation cover. 

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