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The eBay Courier Service You Can Rely On!

If you are looking for a simple, cheap and efficient eBay courier service for booking and managing your deliveries, then look no further! With our special FREE eBay shipping tool you can compare and book only the most reliable couriers in seconds, keeping your customers happy and your 100% feedback firmly in place.™ delivers thousands of parcels sold on eBay each day, so you know we can deliver your items safely and on-time!

Our door-to-door couriers offer you everything you need, rolled into one...

  • Protect your 100% feedback – 100% trusted couriers only!
  • Unbeatable Prices – 70% off the RRP of brands such as UPS, DHL, TNT and more!
  • Easy to Use – simple 3 step booking process takes just a few minutes to complete
  • Free eBay Shipping Tool – that auto-downloads delivery addresses, products and dimensions from eBay
  • Instant online Parcel Tracking – know where your parcels are from the moment they are collected
  • myAccount management area– manage all your deliveries on one page

How Does the eBay Shipping Tool Work?

The free eBay shipping tool has been designed for speed. You can compare a range of courier services and book online in a matter of seconds, ensuring that you get the best deal every single time you book a parcel.

This clever piece of software will also auto-upload the image, description, delivery address and parcel dimensions of each of your eBay items, saving you hours of data entry.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps...

Step One

Press the ‘Link Your Account Now’ button and you will be directed to eBay to link your account to™

Step Two

Enter your eBay Account name and password. Note: these details are only stored with eBay. We cannot access these verification details.

Step Three

Once you have successfully linked your account you can view all bought and sold items on our eBay shipping page including the image and item descriptions.

It’s Fast, Easy & Free - So why not link your eBay account now for cheaper UK and international couriers?

Regular Senders

If you send more than 10 parcels per week you can access further discounted rates by signing-up as a ‘Regular Sender’ in addition to taking advantage of our bulk-shipping and bulk ebay-shipping tools.

Compare, Send & Save at™