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Welcome to the Shipping Tool

Bulk Shipping Tool

The Easy Way to Send Multiple Parcels Online

The Bulk Shipping Tool is only available to our Regular Sender account holders. If you send over 10 parcels per week, you can apply for one today – read more about Regular Sender accounts

What is the Bulk Shipping Tool

Sending multiple parcels at once is now easier than ever thanks to our innovative Bulk Shipping tool. This handy piece of software is extremely user friendly and will let you ship multiple parcels in one go, at less than 10 seconds per item – Ideal for businesses with lots of parcels to send! You can request an instant free live demo now by filling in the form to the right!

Why use the Bulk Shipping Tool?

Here are just a few great reasons why you’ll find our Bulk Shipping Tool extremely beneficial…

Multiple parcels in one go

Book Multiple Parcels in One Go

No need to enter the weight and dimensions of every single parcel – all these are set from the start, so all you need to do is enter the delivery postcode and auto-fill the rest, saving you massive amounts of time!

Pre-Print Labels

Auto-print Your Shipping Labels

Have your labels printed and waiting by the time you’ve completed your orders, thanks to our speedy auto-printing feature (optional extra).

Book a parcel in 10 seconds flat!

Send a Parcel in 10 Seconds Flat

Tried and tested! – The average time it takes to send a parcel in our rapid shipping tool is about 10 seconds!

Book with our couriers

Ship with Top Couriers

Our Shipping Tool is hooked up directly with only 100% secure and reliable couriers.

Get a Free Live Demo Now!

We could go on for days about how much time you’ll save using our Bulk Shipping Software, but nothing beats taking it for a test drive yourself!

Fortunately, you can gain access to a free live demo today by filling in the quick form to right of this page. One of our account managers will then be in touch as soon as possible to hand you the keys.

If you are already a Regular Sender, gaining access is just as easy - simply click the 'I want to use the Shipping Tool' button on the right, and someone will be in touch within 24 hours!

Welcome to the Shipping Tool

Request a Demo!

The Bulk Shipping Tool is designed for our Regular Sender Accounts, but you can request a demo of the tool before signing up!

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