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Welcome to the Shipping Tool

Apply for a Regular Sender Account Today

By sending over 10 parcels per week, you’re instantly eligible for a Regular Sender account. This will give you access to even cheaper bespoke delivery rates, and optional shipping software to make sending parcels faster, easier and much more cost-effective than ever before!

Who can apply for a Regular Sender Account?

Whether you are a business, eBay, or personal user – our Regular Sender Accounts are open to anyone who sends more than 10+ parcels per week - free of charge! Just fill in the form to the right of this page and one of our account managers will contact you as soon as possible!

Features and Benefits of a Regular Sender Account

Save Money

Further Discounts on our Standard Shipping rates

Our policy is simple - the more parcels you send, the more you save! If you send over 10 parcels on average per week, we’ll give you some heavily discounted bespoke rates based on your delivery requirements.

Free optional extras available to all Regular Senders!

Shipping Tool

Bulk Shipping Tool

Designed for bulk shipping, this fantastic piece of software allows you to book a parcel in less than 10 seconds flat – making this perfect for regular senders!

Read More about the Bulk Shipping Tool

ebay Shipping Tool

eBay Shipping tool

Ship your eBay items in just one click when you link your eBay account to our eBay Shipping Tool. You can view all of your sold eBay items live on one page including images, descriptions, delivery addresses and more!

Read more about the eBay Shipping Tool

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Welcome to the Shipping Tool

Apply to be a Regular Sender!

If you send over 10 parcels a week and would like to talk to one of our account managers about a Regular Sender Account, then please fill out the form below or call us on:

Tel: 0161 359 3600

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